Risk Management

Protecting your assets by managing exposure to commodities markets and controlling financial risk is critical and requires specialized expertise in multiple fields. With over 25 years of experience in setting up and leading risk management departments, we offer a broad spectrum of risk management strategies to help manage financial and market risk exposure.
We believe the top priority to be the design and implementation of necessary tools to develop an environment of heightened risk awareness, that will prove critical in providing the foundation for your company’s risk management approach. This includes setting up risk measurements adequately tailored to the specificities of your business, such as Pre-Trade Analysis, Portfolio VaR, and Stress Test Scenario. Our proficiency in back-testing subsequently allows for the optimization and validation of these measures. Their implementation will generate a comprehensive insight into your company’s risk profile, allowing calibration to your company’s risk appetite.
In close coordination with our clients, we design dashboards aggregating all relevant information to facilitate communication with internal and external stakeholders such as management, auditors and creditors. We further review and document several procedures to allow your company to allocate resources to its core business.
Our expertise in implementing above described set-ups, which represents only a small sample of our overall risk-management expertise, enables us to support your business pragmatically with a hands-on approach.

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